A room

Charlotte Develter
Zoe de Soumagnat

With HIPPODAMIC, a mix by Helter Helter

We dreamt of building a grotto to survive winter.

It was winter: Suzanne had been freezing since the second she landed on Earth. She decided to join Charlotte and Zoé for the opening of what they called ‘A room’. Suzanne was cold but quite reassured by the idea that she would encounter human beings. Passing through the big gate she walked towards the grey building. She had never seen sharp angles, nor punctual light, and yet she kept walking towards it. ‘A room’ had to be entered as if it were a painting to be inspected for its details, gestures and overall composition. The shapes, too, were trying to tell her a story. It made little sense to her because where she came from narration had no place. Although Suzanne didn’t know how to read language and signs, she felt the syncopated sound waves. Charlotte and Zoé saw her and greeted and hugged her. A trio, they wondered together in the space, gazing and listening attentively.