a clearing

Ole Meergans (Berlin) & Ellie Pratt (London)

Private View 2nd Oct 2021, 6-9pm

A two-person show curated by Philipp Dorl.

This exhibition brings together the works of London based painter Ellie Pratt and Berlin based sculptor Ole Meergans. While Ellie, who’s body of work is predominantly dealing pose and portrait, will present new works depicting cropped sections of light flooded woodland, Ole will make a large installation citing architectural elements of Cafe Moskau, a centre piece of Berlins Karl-Marx-Allee, as well as elements of figurative plastic.

Ole Meergans

Ole Meergans (b.1988, Berlin) is a sculptor who lives and works in Berlin. He completed his Master of Fine Arts at UdK Berlin at Manfred Pernice class. In his sculptural installations, he often combines abstracted architectural shapes with figurative plastic. While referring to art and architecture from Eastern Germany and the former Eastern Bloc countries, he questions its contemporary representation and perception. His main focus is public sculptures and architectural art of the time, which aesthetic he reflects and re-contextualises. With his collective COLLCOLL he collaborates to produce public sculptures, questioning modes of public ownership and the meaning of public spaces

Ellie Pratt


Ellie Pratt (b.1991, Kent) is a painter who lives and works in London. She completed a BA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2013, followed by an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2015. Recent exhibitions include group shows at Pm/
Am (London), Mackintosh Lane (London), and V.O Curations (London). Drawing upon both historical and contemporary culture, Ellie often juxtaposes inherited forms of representation with personal experiences to form images that capture transient scenes through use of light and colour. Her paintings, often depicting young women inhabiting dark domestic interiors or back lit by sublime landscape, play on a strange tension in the dichotomy of inside and outside worlds, exploring metaphors of the unconscious and blurring boundaries of reality.